A Simple and Easy Way to Get Hundreds of One-Way Links Pointing To Your Web Site

Finally it’s here…

Getting links to your web site used to be one of the most time consuming parts of building any web business!

Well, not any more..

Bruce Hearder
Bruce Hearder – SEO Expert
and Founder of

I’m going to show you a simple and extremely easy way
to build an steady stream of high quality one-way links
pointing straight at your web site that will almost immediately
start to move your web site up the search engine rankings.

Why have your web site floundering on page 55 of the search engine results when it could be up near the top getting considerably more traffic than it is now!

“I’ve used Bruce’s software to generate massive amounts of traffic to feed my marketing machines in various businesses. On a very consistent basis, for well over two years, I have generated more targeted traffic via this software than Google, Yahoo and Bing put together (and our SEO we do on our own sites is really good).
The leads that we get are worth Millions of Dollars Per Year in closed business.

If you want a consistent, dependable and ruggedised lead and traffic generation system then this is a brilliant option.”

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All of the major search engines rank your web sites by the number and quality of one-way links that point to them, so give them exactly what they want!

Let me show you how this all works :

Once you have established an account with FindLinkPartners.com, our advanced software system then analyses our vast database of available web sites and determines the best web sites that should link to you.

Every link you get is a genuine one-way link from a real world website. No PBNs, No link farms and definitely no reciprocal links!

Your website links a website, and in return a completely different website give you a link! The more you link out, the more you get back!

You never link to a site that links to you. So all links are one way links.

Your incoming links slowly accumulate over time

Our system will automatically “drip-feed” your website with up to 300 incoming one-way links over a 90 days period. We don’t just “dump” 300 incoming links onto your web site because the search engines would view this as unnatural and could penalize your search engine rankings.

Nothing link backs to FindLinkPartners.com

There is nothing that appears (both visible and invisible) that would link your web site or any other web site in the system back to FindLinkPartners.com

This means that the linking looks even more natural to your competitors as well as the search engines. In other words there is no common “footprint or signature” that can cause a competitor to determine your link building strategies.

Links come from a large variety of IP addresses.

All of the websites listed on FindLinkPartners.com are from a huge number of independently, real-world web site owners that natural occur on a large range of different IP address from locations all across the world. This means there will be a huge range of IP addresses pointing to your website.

You can put in up to 30 sites into the link network
with just one account

So, if you are one of those fortunate people that can see the absolutely huge potential of getting 100’s of high quality one-way links pointing to your web site, then you will need to jump on board and be a member of FindLinkPartners.com.

The sooner you setup your membership with FindLinkPartners, the sooner you can start collecting incoming links, and the sooner you can start moving up the search engine results.

Memberships cost just $37 a month to get 300 incoming links over the next 3 months and to make sure everyone else is still linking to you. If a website that links to your site drops out of the Google Index (for whatever reason), we we remove that link to your website and replace it with a new link. They system is here to make your website rank well and to keep it ranking well!

All links are verified daily

All sites involved in the link network are checked on a daily basis to ensure that the links are live, and that the links indexed by the search engines. If a site fails this test for more than 3 days in a row, the site is pulled from the network and all links to it disabled until the problem is corrected.

The same thing occurs if a site is “de-indexed” from the search engines for any particular reason

This is a fully automated process that happens every day, constantly ensuring your linking integrity.

Your own websites will never link to each other

Although you can have up to 10 web sites in your FindLinkPartners account, your individual websites will never link to each other. The system ensures that no two sites owned by the same person will ever link to each other. This also makes the network much “cleaner”.

How much does it cost?

You should ask the question “How much could I earn using FindLinkPartners.com”?

It’s simple, a membership with FindLinkPartners.com costs just $37 a month and allows you to put 30 websites into the network.

You might even be thinking that $37 a month is too much for you to afford right now, so lets look at it another way way:

Let’s say you have just one website at the moment and when you start using FindLinkPartners and you start getting 1,000 unique visitors a month. (This is an example : We are not guarantee that you will get any traffic at all – that depends on what your website about and how you have constructed it)

If you sell a product on the site that earns you $20 a sale, and converts at only 1% (1% of your 1000 buyers actually buy it), this would mean that you would make 10 sales a month, for a total of $200 a month.

Now ask yourself, “Was it worth the $37 a month?”

Of course it was, its an amazing 540% return on your monthly investment!

You could now take the $200 and use it to build 5 more web site, again if you select the right product and do the right research, each one of these new web sites could be getting 1,000 visitors a month. (Again this is an example.. not a gurantee)

Lets say, that each web site makes you just $20 a sale, so doing the maths, you now have 6 web sites each earning you $200 a month, so grossing you $1200 a month (6 sites each doing $200/month)!

You are now making $1,200 a month for that lowly $37 a month outlay!

Let us extend this a bit further! Imagine we made 10 web sites that each did $200 a month ( and remember, FindLinkPartners lets you add 10 web sites to your account all for the one low monthly fee). So now you would have 10 web sites each making you $200 a month, that an incredible $2,000 a month! All from your lowly monthly membership fee of just $37!!

That’s an over 5,000% return on your investment! Of course, a lot will depend on your research and product selection and there are absolutely no guarantees, but that should give you an idea.

Does $37 a month look expensive now? It doesn’t does it..

So what are you waiting for?

You could have hundreds of quality, one-way links pointing to your site boosting your site’s rankings in all of the major search engines with less than 10 minutes work on your part. At only $37 a month, how can you miss this opportunity?

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Bruce Hearder
Perth, Australia